Myths & Legends – Open for submissions

We’re now accepting submissions for our Myths & Legends exhibition, which will run from 7th May – 4th June at Constellations. There will also be a preview event at Liverpool Print Fair on Saturday 27th April 2019 at the Bluecoat.

The deadline for initial submissions is midday Monday 15th April. We will need all final prints delivered by post or in person by Wednesday 24th April.

What we’re looking for is prints which are inspired by the theme Myths & Legends. This could include illustrations of classic legends such as King Arthur’s sword in the stone, the Greek gods, folklore, or mythical creatures like unicorns, the phoenix, or even a nasty bridge troll.

We’d also love some modern myths or legends too. Can dogs look up? Will TV make your eyes square? What does happen to apple seeds when you eat them? Was Stone Henge built by aliens? Is Paul McCartney actually dead?

If you’re not an illustrator don’t worry, we’re hoping for a mix of illustrative, abstract and typographic interpretations.



  • Prints can be any size up to a maximum of 30 x 42 cm
  • All print methods will be accepted, however handmade prints are more likely to be selected for the exhibition
  • There are no restrictions on colours or materials used
  • Prints must be delivered to us by Wednesday 24th April
  • Pre-existing prints will be accepted, as long as they fit the theme
‘Character Chaos’ exhibition at the Bluecoat
‘Print is Dead (Good)’ exhibition at the Bluecoat

How To Submit

Submit your designs to or use the form below to send your application by midday on Monday 15th April.

If you are sending us a physical print we’ll need to receive it by Wednesday 24th April so that we can have it ready to display at the print fair.

Please include your name and brief description of the submission, along with your website or social media details for display at the exhibition.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs, send us an email, or tweet @theprintsocial. We’ll try to answer right away.

‘Advent Calendar’ exhibition at Constellations
‘Visions of the Future’ exhibition at Constellations

Submissions Form