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Need help with your prints? Ask the group!

1 min read

You may have seen we have another meetup coming up next week. We’re really eager to create a strong community of printmakers with this group, making sure we’re providing members new to printmaking with the help they need to get started. That’s why we’re hoping to try something different this week.

If you have anything you’re working on, whether it’s in the initial concept stage or ready to be printed and you don’t know where to go from there, you should bring it along to the meetup. We have members (or friends, as we like to call them) from a huge range of backgrounds, so we’re pretty sure you’d be able to get advice on everything like layout, colour, typography or print methods.

It won’t be a serious crit session, we just want to provide a really relaxed place for friends to throw ideas around and pick the brains of people with strengths in different areas than their own.

I plan to bring a couple of illustrations on my tablet that are almost ready to print but I feel are missing something I can’t put my finger on, so maybe you can help me with that.

See you Thursday!