Submission FAQs

Is there a limit to size?
Yes, all prints for this exhibition must not be larger than A3 size (30×42 cm).

Are you accepting digital prints?
Yes. Although we love celebrating the unique qualities of handmade prints, we understand asking you to produce them for a free exhibition is unrealistic.

What print methods can I use?
You can use any methods you like. Methods include screen printing, linocut, monoprinting, etching, letterpress, drypoint, woodcut and more, but don’t feel like you can’t experiment and make up your own!

Check out for a breakdown of a few popular methods. Methods such as linocut can be done at home quite easily with minimal equipment, so we recommend giving it a try.

How are the prints going to be displayed? Will they be framed?
As each print will be an unpredictable size, we won’t be framing the prints for display. The way we arrange the exhibition will depend on the volume of prints we receive, so we can’t show you a layout just yet.

Will you return my print after the exhibition?
If you would like us to return your print to you, we will ask you to pay for the postage costs for the return trip. The Print Social has limited resources and no funding, so won’t be able to afford to post anything back.

Will you be selling the prints on display at the exhibition?
No, but we will be including the social media information for each artist along with their website, so that visitors will be able to find you should they want to purchase a print.

What happens if my print gets damaged?
We will take the utmost care when handling and displaying your work, but if something does happen we won’t be able to offer the full retail price of your print. In the unlikely event a print does become damaged, we will discuss this with you on an individual basis.

Can I submit a print designed by multiple people?
Please do! We love collectives, duos and group projects.

I’d love to print my own. Can you recommend somewhere I can learn to print?
We highly recommend using the Bluecoat in Liverpool for print facilities and workshops.

Are you accepting all submissions you receive?
We want this exhibition to be as varied as possible using a wide range of methods and styles, but this does not mean we will be accepting every submission we receive. We will take time to carefully consider everything we’re sent, but unfortunately the space we have available for the exhibition isn’t infinite and we won’t be able to use everyone’s work.

I can’t print my own. Will you print for me?
We might be able to screen print your submission, but we’ll need to discuss the details before we can agree to this. Please email us at and we can chat about it.

What is The Print Social?
The Print Social is a project run by friends, as well as as a group of people who love making prints and meet on a regular basis to talk shop and have fun. You should join us for a social some time!